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Assemble: Lantern Sculpture MAKING

Lantern Sculpture Making.jpg

Artist Stephanie Coley 

Assemble: Derby Making Festival





22 October 2022

10am - 3pm

Museum of Making, Silk Mill Lane, Derby DE1 3AF

£4/Under 16 years FREE. Tickets available from Museum of Making


In collaboration with Derby University, Surtal Arts is super excited to create Derby first unique willow lantern sculpture trail, connecting city centre with the cultural hub of Derby - Normanton, celebrating  the city’s dazzling diversity.

Thirteen  locations around the city have been chosen ( local businesses and arts & cultural venues around Derby) where these unique lantern sculptures will be hosted.  All the lantern scluptures will be designed by the Arts & Design students from the Derby University.  One such sculpture will be created at the Museum of Making  on the day of the Assemble:Derby's Making Festival hosted by the Museum of Making, capturing and reflecting the distinctive characteristics of the that space.   The finished sculpture will be exhibited  prominently at the Museum of Making for public to view until end of the DSOL festival.

A map of the full trail can be found  and downloaded from the Surtal Arts and Museum of Making websites and social media soon. 

#DerbySeasonofLight2022  #DSOL2022  #DerbyLanternsclupture trail

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