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Madhubani Art Workshop


(Image: Jyoti Karn

Madhubani Art Workshop

Date: Sunday 10 December 2023

Time: 11am -1pm


Ticket: £3 pp     Suitable for age 7+  Parents presence encouraged.


Learn to create a traditional Madhubani painting - one of the most popular forms of folk art from Bihar, India. 


Surtal Arts have teamed up with one of Sarmaya's ( A digital Museum, Mumbai) most gifted artist, Jyoti Karn, of Madhubani tradition. We are proud to bring this art form from the historic land of Mithila, home to a beautiful art that is part-myth and part-memory. Today a town called Madhubani in Bihar houses some of the most gifted artists of this tradition. We are excited to have this workshop delivered by Jyoti who comes from a family where this art form has been practised for generations.  Her paintings has evolved over times and are very unique.  She combines mythologicalnostalgia with geometric, graphic and modern lighter palette. 


Workshop will include presentation of a film from Sarmaya called 'Madhubani – Art from a Sacred Land' followed by a practical workshop where you will learn how to paint unique Madhubani forms of people, nature and symbols of ancient Indian tales. 


 Traditionally in Mithila Madhubani paintings will be done using paints  extracted from natural products such as cow dung, coloured soils, plants and flowers.  However, in this workshop we will use acrylic water colour paints.  


Material required are drawing paper, pencil, rubber, water colours, and paint brush (thin).

Workshop fee doesn’t include materials.  Material can be posted within UK but there will extra charge.  Please contact us if you would like us to send you the materials. 

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