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Music in Quiet Places

Semi-Classical Bollywood/Gazals 





23rd November 2022

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Rd, Derby DE22 3NE



Art has the power to heal people.  As part of our 'Arts In Health' programme, and following the success of a visual arts project last year, Surtal Arts continues to work in partnership with Air Arts and this year take diverse performing arts to the hospital. 

Graceful Indian classical dance, Kathak  will be performed by emerging young artists Mohika Shankar, whereas Rubya recites melodious Sufi songs in the lift lobby and the canteen areas at the Royal Derby Hospital.  The artists will swap spaces in between their performances, providing the hospital patients, staff members and visitors,  enjoyment and distraction from their day-to-day health issues and anxieties and transporting them to a space for mindfulness.

About the artists 



Rubaya is a professional recording artist who specialises in music sourced from Sufi and
Folk themes. She enjoys combining her vocal skills with my passion for playing the guitar.
She is deeply committed to the language and rhythms of music which transcend across the
borders of race, faith, and culture. She also takes immense pleasure in writing new songs
which are inspired by her connection to nature and the elements. In a world where there is
so much chaos and uncertainty, she uses music to inspire people towards reflection,
contemplation and unity. Her ambition is to build the bridge of understanding between
people by using her skills as a musician. Check out her Youtube channel

Mohika Shankar


Mohika is a trained Indian Classical dance, Kathak from India and recently completed MA in Dance Therapy from Derby University.


She is very passionate about her dance.  Dance is simply a lifestyle for her as it had a positive impact on her life. Kathak dance style is very graceful and the intricate footwork keeps her physically fit and healthy.  The expression and technical aspects of this dance form give her a feeling of thrill, fun and excitement of all human emotions.  Kathak brings out the creativity and spiritualism side of her and stay close to her heritage and culture.


Mohika with perform two short pieces of Kathak Guru Vandana and Tarana.

Guru Vandana means “Reverence for the Teacher” – it is the thanksgiving from a student to a
teacher, expressing his or her gratitude. The Guru Vandana program provides a platform for
students to honor their teachers for imparting knowledge and wisdom to them.   Guru does not
simply mean a teacher imparting formal training but a person who contributes to the overall
development and learning of an individual.   The true meaning of the word ‘Guru’ is “one
who dispels the darkness of ignorance”. ‘Gu’ means ‘darkness’ and ‘Ru’ means ‘one who
removes’. The Guru resembles the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
Guru is like Brahma-the creator. He creates or inculcates knowledge in the minds of the
students. Guru is like Vishnu – the preserver. He maintains or preserves the knowledge
in the students. Guru is like Shiva-the destroyer.
Guru removes the darkness of ignorance from the students’ mind. Guru is hence the
manifestation of the Para Brahma (the supreme essence) within all of us. 

Tarana is said to have evolved from the efforts of the great legend Amir
Khusrau. It represents some beautiful aspects of Kathak i.e speedy footwork, rhythmic
patterns and whirly movements. The tarana is designed in raag ‘malkauns’, sung by Shri
Vijay Panihar and composed by my guru - Late Shri Munna Shukla ji.

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