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She Kantha Image.JPG

(Image: Courtesy of film Aladin, Jacqueline Fernandez & Eros)

Exhibition: The Hidden Story of Kantha

Date: Friday 6 October to 30 December 2023


Monday to Saturday: 9am -4pm

Sunday: Closed

Venue: Déda, 19 Chapel St, Derby, DE1 3GU

Ticket: FREE   


This breath-taking exhibition us on a journey into the heart of rural India through the eyes of She-Kantha, an NGO in Kolkata. 


Witness the magic of Kantha, an ancient stitching technique from West Bengal and Orissa, that intricately weaves stories of village life and mythological tales on sustainable fabrics.



Though this thousand-year-old upcycling handicraft is once again popular worldwide, we shine a light on it’s traditional roots as a canvas for ordinary rural women to tell their stories, express their fears, hopes and dreams. 


This intricate unique exhibition must not be missed. 

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