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We believe that the arts play a vital role in educational and personal development, including breaking down barriers, bringing people together and building cohesive communities

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality arts projects with people of all ages and backgrounds, to extend their experience of World Music, Dance, Storytelling, Drama and Visual Arts. Working alongside professional artists, our workshops enable people to develop new skills, interests and learn about world culture. We even tailor workshops to your specific requirements. 

Image by Chris Montgomery
Virtual Classes

Get Artistic at home! Our Virtual Indian classical music and dance (Classical or Bollywood or Bhangra) classes are the perfect way to learn while staying safe.


For teachers and professionals.  Advance your knowledge and experience of cultural diversity and how to be creative with it.


Whether you want to learn a new skill, become a performer or simply for the social experience...


If you want to hone your talents and learn how to become an instructor...


We've been inspiring students for 20 years - from one-day workshops to whole cultural weeks...

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