Surtal Arts is a charity working to improve the lives of young people in our communities and enrich society through diverse arts.  All our work relies on raising funds which pays to train our artists properly and create the wonderful cultural experiences you see in our work.

Most of all, the people who benefit are the young people who are inspired by us when we deliver a workshop at their school, those young talents we discover hidden away in our communities who flourish into thriving artists for the future.

We thank you for the donations you make to invest in diverse arts and our future artists.


Plese help us to improve the lives of young people in our community by leaving us a donation.




Join our Team of Volunteers!

Like many charities we have volunteers who are passionate about the work that we do  - that could include you. 


Perhaps you like working on events big and small?  Or maybe you're into marketing or content writing for social media?  Volunteering for our charity is a great way to meet new people, experiencethe arts and pick up working skills that  you can put on your C.V.  We're happy to provide references if  you voluteer for us, so get in touch today and sign up as a volunteer.