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Meet The TEam


Gopa Nath

Artistic Director

Details to follow

Kuvinda Bola


I was born and grew up in New Delhi where I completed higher education in Science. I moved to the UK in 1983.


I have worked in the Community since my arrival in the UK.  I have worked as a social worker for many years and come to know Derby and derbyshire very well.  I was one of the founder members of a women only group 'Raunak' and headed that group for number of years.  I passionate about womne's right, equality, diversity and inclusion. 


I have been involved with Surtal Arts for many years as I am a great advocate of arts and culture.  Surtal continues to inspire and surprise me with their artistic endeavours. I strongly believe arts can brige many gaps in our communities, enhance knowledge and assist in mental health and wellbeing.   As a recently appointed secretary, I am looking forward to helping the organisation grow strength to strength.  

Rubi Mahmood

Ordinary Member

Details to follow

Sanrhudi Imamdar

Ordinary Member

Details to follow

Nisha Nath


Nisha began dancing with Surtal Arts when she was 5 years old.  After being nurtured into a professional Kathak dancer, having performed around the world and teaching as an artist, she now  serves on Surtal's board as the Chairperson.  She enriches the organisation with her creative vision for the organisation and the city.  

For her day job, Nisha works as a Head of Brand and Creative, National Trust and in her spare time loves DIY, getting lost in art galleries and watching Bollywood movies.

Mike Larkin


My name is Mike and I have been on the Board of Surtal Arts for 10 years. I have a great love of whole range of South Asian Arts and believe passionately in the power of music and dance to bring together different communities and cultures.


Surtal Arts is at the heart of this  within Derbyshire and the work undertaken in the Community and particularly within schools has been instrumental in reaching out to the population and sharing the  joy and beauty of South Asian Art and culture.

Simrun Sandhu

Ordinary Member

Details to follow

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